Come and meet us!

Hi, thank you for visiting! I'm Claire Mardesich and Distinctively Devyn was created by combining my great love of animals and my love of art and from me trying to make this world a bit of a nicer place. 

As an artist, to finally be able to dedicate quality time to be creative has given me so much happiness and I'm so motivated to continue to create fun and relevant original art.

All of my designs truly come from the heart and are created from the inspiration provided by my animals who are my family! I own fifteen lovely and amazing Siberian Husky sled dogs, two beautiful horses, two cats, six chickens, and a goat who may be a little overweight. They are all so individual and amazing!  Living in Bend, Oregon, has also provided the most amazing backdrop for my creativity.

Thank you so much for visiting, your support is very much appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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